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HBK Engineering has extensive experience in fiber optic and electric transmission route development and feasibility studies in urban, suburban and rural areas. We have performed route development and feasibility studies for numerous telecommunications companies such as AT&T, Verizon Business and Level3 Communications. Experience has taught us that successful route development requires the effective coordination of many project stakeholders, the consideration of existing right-of-way and the required permits and a thorough review of the impacts on construction such as lane closures, potential significant underground and overhead obstacles and planned projects that could impact the route. HBK understands the importance of overhead engineering as a cost-effective means of plant installation. With applications ranging from new construction of telecommunications fiber and coaxial plant to power delivery infrastructure to wireless and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks, HBK provides the experience in both design and make-ready and attachment permitting processes. HBK has the structural engineering expertise to provide wind and pole loading calculations to back up the installation.

Services include:

Feasibility studies
Wiring diagrams
Termination Panel Diagrams
Rack Layout and Raceway design
MDF / IDF Layout Design
Plan & Profile design drawings
Pole Inventory
Foundation Penetration Design
Interior Conduit Routing Design
Riser Diagrams and Design
Fiber Splicing Trees and Diagrams
Over-lash and make ready designs